Latin Deli

Leaning at a counter, Dona Matilde,

An ancient register at her side, A heavy smell of dried bacalao in the air,

Mixed with platanos sitting beside the door in a chair, She is the patrona,

Spends her days selling canned memories, While she patiently listens to the Puerto Rican man complain,

Telling her stories,He states:

“It would be barrato to travel to San Juan, Than buy a pound of the Bustelo coffee here”,

He stares at her family portrait of her plain wide face, Gazes into her ample senos, 

Who rest on her hairy pruned arms, She smiles understanding and exhales in a suspiro,


Other’s walk in reading the labels of packages aloud as they walk down the aisles,

Merengues-stale candy of everyone’s childhood

Dona Matilde, Spends her days slicing hamon and queso,

It would be barrato at Stop & Shop but it wouldn’t satisfy the hunger of the fragile Cuban,

Lost in the creases of his heavy winter coat, who brings her a list of items he needs to take home in his tote,

He reads the list to her like poetry,

The patrona of complaints and over priced goods.

On Monday’s We Have Ice Cream!!

Hi mis amores lindos!

So our broadcast has been interrupted for a few days.  I have been so busy preparing my students and my kids for their upcoming exams lately that it has taken me away from my blog.  I do intend in continuing my blog, but time at the moment does not permit me to write as often.

I usually write my post at night, but I am exhausted by the time the kids go upstairs to bed. I rather just lie under my covers and slumber.  I dream of days having more than 24 hours, this  would give me the opportunity to do everything I “want”, but that’s not possible. 

Last night, I had a surprise for my family.  I had to put on hold homework, the test prep, and the daily chores. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary.  We seldom go out during the weekday, but I made a point yesterday.

ice cream
Since I had to drive down to sign my son up for summer sports I told my kids and husband to get into the car.  Yes, my kids did ask where we were going, but I just told them that we were going to sign JD (his nickname for Jared David) for summer sports (soccer of course).  They grumbled about having to accompany me to sign him up, but little did they know that I was taking them to eat ice cream!  Who doesn’t love ice cream?  It’s the best treat on a hot summer day.  Best thing yet to my childhood ice cream shop! I shared with them how much I loved going there since it was the only time I would get to see my “real father”.  Each time during the summer, or what it felt like each time, he would drive over to the ice cream shop before we had to be dropped off at my mother’s house and buy us a cone.  Man did it bring back memories.  The ice cream didn’t taste the same as I remember it though.

Kids love being told stories it doesn’t matter how old they are.  They love to learn about us as children.  They enjoy learning about their grandparents.  I need to try to capture those small moments in time and share more of myself as child with my babies.  Last night we had so much fun!

What places do you hold dear to your heart? Why?  Would love to hear from you!


Isa :)


Weekend News!

Hope you had an awesome weekend mis amores!

I had a pretty busy weekend.  My son and husband went on their annual father-son camping trip and returned home just in the nick of time. We rushed to my sons Taekwondo Belt Promotion and had the privilege of observing all that he had learned in the past few months.  He looked so determined and serious.  I have observed how much Taekwondo means to him.  The countless times he would stand in front of a mirror and practice his “forms” and such.  I am amazed at his perseverance and strength.

He makes me proud and you know what I really think that no matter what he would make me proud.  He has a tender heart with awesome ideas, he’s currently inventing a gadget that might help with the use of tires (it’s project for school).  I’m just amazed point-blank at the amazing children the Lord has given me to help guide and support.  I am humbled by his confidence in little me, in unfit me to be able to be given the responsibility help them be more than the world perceives them to be.


After his belt promotion we had a dance performance to attend. My daughter did an awesome job!  She is so talented it is scary.  Here she is with her dance attire:

julisa costume dance

julisa posingdance awardIn the above picture you can sort of spot her posing for the picture.  There were so many talented young lady’s it was just amazing to see how much work they done to create a four-hour long performance.  Loved it!  I can’t wait until next year!

Thanks for reading mi amor!



Favorite May Outfits

Can we just take a few minutes to take talk about my favorite looks for the May Style Challenge.

favorite may outfits

The two outfit in the middle are the best outfits I came up with because of the May Style Challenge.  I want to say that the style challenge has really helped me with being able to look at the clothes I have in my closet with new eyes.  I am being more mischievous in terms of pairing daring combination such the stripes and overdrawn polka-dot pants.  Like i said before I felt totally funny wearing it to school, but it made me happy.

The peplum was a purchase from H & M last year and I loved it ever since.  However, I had never thought of pairing it with red pants.  I thought it looked gorgeous!  I have already worn the peplum for the June challenge, but in a different way.  Super happy that I am getting a little bit more bang out of my clothes.  Until this point in the life of this peplum I had always worn it in the same manner.  I had worn it with black capris or black skinny jeans.  as I am thinking about that outfit I’m already coming up with a totally different outfit for the next time I decide to wear it.

Do you have any awesome outfits that you want to share! I would love to hear about them and how you came about creating them!  Leave a comment below or just say hi!

Thank for coming by my little corner in the blogosphere mi amor!



Final Week Of May Style Challenge

05.27.2014  Style Me May "Not to Mellow Yellow" Marvelous May style:  Animal Kingdom

Style Me May “Not to Mellow Yellow”
Marvelous May style:
Animal Kingdom

Created a double dipper with this outfit.  Loved how the mustard yellow played so well with the leopard in this outfit.  I used the white t-shirt, but any other color that complements yellow (mustard yellow) would have been color.  I’m thinking I might do another rendition of this outfit with a navy blue.  That would look awesome due to the navy blue being a complement of the mustard yellow.  The leopard would play as a neutral right! ;)

05.28.2014 Style me May: "Out of my Comfort Zone" Marvelous May Style: Black and White

Style me May:
“Out of my Comfort Zone”
Marvelous May Style:
Black and White

This outfit was definitely “out of my comfort zone” for two reasons: one I was pattern mixing and the other because I thought this was sort of inappropriate for work attire.  I loved this outfit though.  It worked well together and I got so many great complements at work and on the Instagram page when I posted it.  It’s the second most like outfit for the month of May!!

05.29.2014 Style Me May: Celebrate Chic Mrvelous May Style: Pretty in Pink

Style Me May:
Celebrate Chic
Mrvelous May Style:
Pretty in Pink

I love the classic and chic black and white palette in an outfit.  It always looks great on and polished.  I love this color combo with a pop of color. ;)



I did not participate on Friday . I realized that I do not own any floral tops. Besides, I certaintly did not want to pass up the opportunity to wear jeans on a school day. So I went plain Jane.  White collar shirt which always looks awesome with jeans.

friday 30

Mixing metals and showing off my fresh french mani.



Saturday’s outfit was very basic too. Comfy for all the things I needed to get done on Saturday.

rippedSaturday passenger…

Now for the month of June I will continue my little kick on style challenges.  These are few that I found roaming around on instagram.  I am super excited and pumped!

june challenge

Amanda whose Instagram name is @morningviewangel99 created MVA’s June Style Challenge.

curcy style challenge

The Sandae created this one and I have already participated.  Love it!  Her Instagram name is @curvygirlontherun. Go follow her! She’s super cute and sweet! Her blog is awesome! She made it a goal this year to not shop for clothes and see how many outfits she can create with what she already has!! Good luck Sandae!


Samanta created this #pantsdance Instagram Style Challenge.  Her instagram name is @iworepantsblog

just june style

This Just June Style Challenge was created by Adrienne.  Her Instagram name is @dontgothriftingwithoutme.

Now, I know that I said earlier that Sandae from the Curvy Gril on the Run blog is doing this no shopping the entire year for clothing.  i’m going to try this #noshopsummer challenge.  Thus far I have been doing ok.  I have only purchased one item and spent 35 dollars on it since the begenning of May.  Let’s see how June pans out.  Check out Alice’s Instagram for the details.  Her Instagram name is @aliteg.

I hope you enjoy reading my little corner in the blogosphere. Are you going to join me?! Would loved to hear what other Style Challenges you might be participating in.  leave comment below mi amor!

Remember you are awesome and gorgeous!


Isa <3



A New Start

A Friend

Hola mi amores lindos!

I am so happy to be writing today about this gorgeous girl! Her name is Maria and I love her to death. We have known each other for a while, but really did not connect until just recently. What I mean by connect is creating an awesome girlfriend relationship that has grown to be more than that. (This really makes me happy!!) We are awesome together! We laugh and share similar beliefs, hopes, and dreams. I also believe we have come to connect with each other due to our similar situations.

We both have a family of our own. (I find it hard sometimes to connect with someone who doesn’t have a family of their own. I guess as human beings we tend to look in others for similarities to begin building a friendship.) She has two cute babies that are just full of so much love and happiness that it exudes from them at every moment. She has a beautiful daughter, Natalie, whose the same age as my son. Also, her birthday is a day after my son’s birthday. It’s so cute! (I think anyway!) Her son is so cute! I call him “mi saquito de huesos” – my bundle of bones. He is super skinny, but can eat.

Any who, let me just tell you that Maria’s baptism has been a long time in the waiting and finally the day came and it was humbling. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for having her in my life and being a part of her life.  I have learned a lot from her and I am super happy for her new start as a member of The Church of Jesuschrist of Latter Day Saints.