Hi mis amores!

I just wanted to share some tips on how to make really basic wardrobe pieces go up a notch in terms of their pizazz.



So here we have a very basic t-shirt and shirt outfit, which by the way I bought at Forever 21 not long ago. The skirt and shirt cost about 15 dollars total. Both pieces are very versatile both in color and style. Both are very comfy and in this outfit I wanted to give the outfit more of a glamorous look by paring it with heels.

These are favorite heels I actually got them about two years ago at JCPenney. During that time I had just begun to discover what JCPenney had to offer. They are so comfy and just the right nude and think I didn’t really didn’t want to get them because of the price. Although, they were on clearance I still thought that paying twenty-five dollars for a pair of heels was a bit much. I’m so glad I bought them anyway.

Anywho, in order to make this outfit more glamorous I just added the heels and some really cute jewelry. I gotta say that I felt very Kim Kardashian in this skirt. She loves those over the knee length pencil skirts.

Are there any outfits that make you feel like any celebrity? I would love to know. To the next post Muah!

Temple Trip

Hi mis amores!

Yesterday was an awesome day! The youth from church had their monthly temple trip and of course since I’m the mother of a youth aged baby I tagged along for the trip. I was super excited because I had more names to bring to the temple and my daughter, Julisa had started to search for names from her fathers side of the family.

Here are the youth from our branch.


This was right after the temple. They are so happy and full life. I pray that they will be forever be filled with that gorgeous light.

I snapped this pic on our to dinner. Gorgeous church architecture.


George Washington Bridge on way back home! Doesn’t it look glorious!? Love this bridge. It’s gorgeous!


My outfit! lol


Hope you had answers one weekend!


Isa (smooches!)


Hi mis amores!

Just wanted to come on here and apologize for the lack of writing, but I promise I will get back on this shindig.

For now I’m going to post my outfit for today and tell you that the back to school sales are crazy! I have done some back to school shopping for the kiddos and also some for myself (I’m not going to lie) and found these Express Jeans at TJMax for only 7 dollars. Yes, seven dollars!!! The Steven Madden shoes I also found at TJMax and for 15 dollars. Love it! They originally priced at TJMax at 39.99.


So my next stop was to hit the mall for some lunch, which I had a yummy veggie slice of pizza. I went into Hollister and found their jeans to be 20 dollars so I definitely had to snatch a few. I walked away with two pairs. This is one of them:


I also purchased these red converses from DSW at about 28 dollars or so because I had a 29 dollar coupon that I had to use! ;) I also purchased this cute little striped clutch from DSW since I had to spend 50 dollars and the converse were only 45 at original price. It’s so adorable with its gold lip detail in the front.


Then, I wet to H&M I hardly going in there. I’m not sure why though. I think they have pretty trendy stuff, which I like but the pricing on each item is the best. That’s why I don’t go in there duh! The price point for a trendy item sometimes is to high for my liking. It’s not like Target that’s for sure. However, surprisingly I found this cute glitter pouch and the accompany nude pouch for 2.50.


I also went into Macy’s Mac counter. I had some products that I wanted to “back to Mac” (a program that if you return 6 of your empty containers you get a free lipstick). I wanted to go mainly because I had a Mother’s Day gift card that I haven’t used yet that I wanted to see what new products they had. None of the new products actually wowed me, but for the first I took a look at their highlighters. I have heard rave reviews about the Soft and Gentle highlighter that I wanted to check it out for myself, when I swatches it on my hand I immediately thought it was too shimmery. However, now thinking back I want it. Good thing I still have my gift card. (Wink) ūüėČ

That’s it for now mis amores! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Besos y Abrasos!


Latin Deli

Leaning at a counter, Dona Matilde,

An ancient register at her side, A heavy smell of dried bacalao in the air,

Mixed with platanos sitting beside the door in a chair, She is the patrona,

Spends her days selling canned memories, While she patiently listens to the Puerto Rican man complain,

Telling her stories,He states:

“It would be barrato to travel to San Juan,¬†Than buy a pound of the Bustelo coffee here”,

He stares at her family portrait of her plain wide face, Gazes into her ample senos, 

Who rest on her hairy pruned arms, She smiles understanding and exhales in a suspiro,


Other’s walk in reading the labels of packages aloud as they walk down the aisles,

Merengues-stale candy of everyone’s childhood

Dona Matilde, Spends her days slicing hamon and queso,

It would be barrato at Stop & Shop but it wouldn’t satisfy the hunger of the fragile Cuban,

Lost in the creases of his heavy winter coat, who brings her a list of items he needs to take home in his tote,

He reads the list to her like poetry,

The patrona of complaints and over priced goods.